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As I spent the last few weeks eating my way through the so-called "heart of the bay," I had yet to be convinced that something was wrong with Hayward, California's second-largest city after Oakland. The most notable restaurants are not concentrated in the city centre, but are spread along the general shopping centres that look like strip malls and line the main thoroughfares of the city. But for all the food media that call Hayward "Haywards Bay Area's best restaurant district," it is actually a collection of restaurants that rank among the best in their respective categories across the East Bay.

1000 cars line the main thoroughfares of the city centre, lined with a variety of restaurants, shops, cafes and restaurants in various stages of development.

Sometimes people queue for so long that they fall asleep at the wheel and have to be cornered to keep the queue moving. Some people who have no car at all walk to take home as much food as possible, sometimes up to a few blocks away.

For Laura Cabral, who came to San Jose last week to make a corporate donation to the food distribution, what she saw was shocking. As cars blocked the highway, the nonprofit organization Hunger at Home had to move its food distribution a few blocks away. She said she didn't expect the scale of it, but she was glad she did.

The fact that Hayward's food landscape doesn't get much luster has to do with how huge the city is, even though it looks the same. It was a week ago, and I've seen the Bay Area all along, where housing costs are so high that many people have little savings in good times. If her mother is put back to work, her financial prospects may have to worsen if new restrictions are introduced. Although there are many immigrants - there are restaurants in San Jose that are close to her heart - she goes to Hayward to get the food.

That much is clear, but if you love food, there are some restaurants you must visit while you still have a chance. Whether you order a giant cookie to celebrate a special occasion or just if you fancy a daily food adventure, this is a place worth visiting. Either way, you won't regret visiting this Cambodian shop, whose charm extends beyond the boardroom, kitchen and even the dining room itself.

As in any donut shop, the best time to visit is in the morning when the selection is freshest and best. If you close in the evening and make a point to end your meal with a sweet note, you will hurry.

The draw was due to start at 11am but Purcell said it didn't start because "so many people were here.

As always, Ebadi gave a pep talk on Thursday in which she thanked her volunteers for their help and reminded them to wear their masks and gloves. She is the principal of the town of Hayward, which distributes food in the parking lot of Chabot College every month. It's a depressing task and it's heartbreaking to turn people away, but those running the Hayward program say they're doing what they can with the goods they have. Another volunteer, Shareen Purcell, has been helping out in Hayward since spring and is handing out whatever she can.

At 15 she was mowing the lawn of friends and neighbours, but she lost her father, mother and sister-in-law in a car accident.

The result is a mushroom - a fried bean curd roll stuffed with tomato sauce that has a surprising degree of sophistication. One of the things I don't know Hayward has and Oakland didn't have is the drive - through the taqueria, a miraculous thing. This decades-old Hayward institution serves fried chicken in the takeaway counter of the old school. It's spiced up with boldly spiced dishes such as pork ribs, pork belly, chicken and beef breast, and a variety of salads.

It's tucked away in a run-down, largely abandoned shopping mall, but it's not a place you'd probably ever stumble across by accident. If vegetables are a little too virtuous for your comfort, a visit to this restaurant across the street is the antidote you need. For about a year, this hive has been housed in what used to be the run-down, largely abandoned strip mall.

The organization distributes thousands of food boxes, including family-friendly meals made with vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, cereals, beans and other organic ingredients. There are two major suppliers that distribute to a network of nonprofit organizations in the region: Daimo Foods, a gluten-free and vegan sham meat supplier in Los Angeles, and the Food Bank of Southern California. Cheng Lee, whose real nickname is Veggie Lee, is a daimono alum who has applied his knowledge of the world of vegetables and wheat to the food system, as well as his experience as a chef.

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