Hayward California Homewood Suites

There were many options in the area, but I regret today that I would have chosen a different hotel. I am a big fan of this hotel and it is one of my favorite hotels in California, even though I only stayed there once.

There were a lot of rooms to choose from and almost the entire 2nd and 3rd floors were available, but somehow I was assigned a different room than I had chosen. I checked in in the morning and went to reception to get my keys And on the second floor there was probably only one room left. They said they were giving a discount to A.C., who was working his way up from his job as a security guard, so I had to explain what they meant. There is probably no way I would have wanted it any other way, even if I had checked in that morning.

When I tried to check the price of the actual charger myself, the hotel check-in said $1,000 for the charger and $2,500 for a full-size charger. Only customers who have booked through booking.com and stayed at the property in question can write reviews.

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The day of COVID I got a good report on how well the room was cleaned and the best thing I could do was to cool it down to 73 and then switch it off. I set it to 70 degrees and kept it off at night so that if it reached 74 degrees, the air conditioner would turn on and off, it would shut down.

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More About Hayward