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Yet, having eaten my way through the so-called heart of the bay in recent weeks, I have come to believe that Hayward, California, a city of about 71,000 people, does not have a good restaurant. The most notable restaurants are not concentrated in the city centre, but are spread out in the general shopping centres that line the main thoroughfares of the city. There are a number of bars and restaurants that have been beenbing around for 71 years, some with antlers mounted and others on the odds - and - ends that leave no doubt. According to the media who have spoken to Hayward about this, there are a handful of restaurants in this city that are among the best in their respective categories in the entire East Bay.

HARD and the Hayward Area Historical Society are not managed within the city limits, but by the HARD / Hayward Area Historical Society, a non-profit organization.

Hayward has a total of four parks managed by the East Bay Regional Park District and two parks within the city limits of Hayward.

The AC Transit bus system, which operates bus services in Alameda County and Contra Costa County, operates in Hayward and serves as the repair and training center located there. Amtrak's national passenger rail system operates daily, with Capitol Corridor trains running daily between San Francisco and San Jose and Oakland to Hayward. BART operates the Hayward repair yard, and BART's Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) service reaches Hayward via the East Bay Regional Transit Authority (EBRTA), as well as the San Mateo County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) commuter rail service. Horizon Services, which manages substance abuse recovery programs in Hayward and other Bay Area communities, operates the Hayward Community Health Center, a health facility for city residents. Kaiser Permanente Medical Center was closed in 2010 and replaced by a hospital in San Leandro.

Hayward is covered by the East Bay Express, founded in 1978, and the Fremont-based Tri-City Voice (which is published twice a week), which covers local politics, business, education, arts and entertainment, as well as local news and events.

At its peak in the 1960s and 1970s, Hunt's ran a canning, preserving and pickling factory, a meat processing plant and a cucumber factory. The canned food has closed because there are no longer enough products from the fields and orchards to make it economically viable.

Tierney Villalobos, a waitress and bartender, said she moved to Washington because she was worried about the store closing. Sarantakis said one family kept the restaurant running, while another family decided to close due to the high cost of living and lack of jobs in the area.

This much is clear: If you love food, you should visit this restaurant while you still have a chance. Whether you order a giant cookie to celebrate a special occasion or just when you fancy a day-to-day food adventure, there are many places worth visiting. Either way, you won't regret visiting the shop-owned Cambodian charm, which includes a crowd that spans the entire length of the restaurant, from the bar to the dining room to the kitchen.

Opened in 1979, it's a place that catches the eye when the kids are asleep in the back seat and you still want to take home a mess of burritos for dinner. It's tucked away in a run-down, largely abandoned shopping mall, but there aren't many places you're likely to stumble across by chance. The point I am making is that you should finish your meal with a sweet note before closing for the night.

An institution that goes back several decades , this old school takeout counter basically serves fried chicken. The result is a mushroom - stuffed, fried bean curd roll with a chicken side that has a surprising degree of sophistication. If vegetables make you seem a little too virtuous and comforting, a few miles away, in a restaurant like this, is the antidote you need. It is a boldly spiced dish, full of fresh herbs and spices and a perfect accompaniment to a hearty meal.

Busboy Steve Lima has been working at the restaurant since he was hired to throw a party for his family and friends at the ranch when he graduated from Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo. The building was severely damaged in Hayward in 1868 and was closed to the public until the new Hayward Town Hall opened in the same year. It is the location of a house, but the structure has been damaged because the Hayward fault runs directly through its location. In 2018, all three HUSD high schools will have planned performing arts facilities, and in 2018 the building will be closed to the public for the first time in its history. This restaurant, run by the former owner of the oldest restaurant chain in the San Francisco Bay Area, serves some of Hayward's best and most popular dishes, including pork ribs, pork chops, chicken wings, burgers and more.

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